Custom Skin Development team consists of many talented people. Most of us have big experience in game customization. From fonts changing to the creation of new multiplayer maps and levels. But custom skins creation is our best. For gamers who like to customize their games, we provide custom skin creation services.

What skins can we do?

Our skilled developers and designers can create custom skin for almost every PC game. But for customers we currently work with these games:

 Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

 Rocket League

Dota 2

 League of Legends

 Half-Life 1 & 2

 Quake 3 & Live

 TES: Skyrim

 Fallout 4

 Planet Unknown's Battlegrounds



 Amazing Frog

 Mortal Kombat X

 Injustice 2

 StarCraft 2



What do we need to create a custom skin?

We just can't create a skin of "angry man". To create skin as you want we need next information:

  • A full description of the future skin.
  • Communication with our designer to approve the skin's look.
  • One week or more for creation

What is the price?




$129 per skin


$249 per skin


$399 per skin

 Custom Design

 Custom 3d model 

 Custom animation

 Custom icons


 Custom sounds



 Skin dictribution to the most popular public servers*



 Skin promotion on skin markets


 * only for multiplayer games with public servers.

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