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AColony is a 3D base building and colony simulation game. You start with nothing more than a few colonists and some items placed in an unknown world and the story begins.Build A Colony

AColony Review

AColony is a 3D base building and colony simulation game. You start with nothing more than a few colonists and some items placed in an unknown world and the story begins.

Build A Colony

With enough resources your colonists can build houses in various ways to keep them warm and safe. You can construct multi-floor buildings as well as a base that extends into the mountains. Furthermore there is a huge selection of diverse furniture and tools to customize your rooms.


Every modern colony needs electricity.
If your colonists have researched the required technology, they are able to build power generators, batteries, and a lot of various machines.
To connect them they can build cables across the entire world, but also vertical on the walls of buildings to connect elements of different levels.

Research Technologies

An important task for your colonists is to research new technologies to unlock more advanced weapons, items and construction elements.
When certain levels in the science tree are reached, the colonists can research in different science sectors which is required to achieve higher technologies.

Unique colonists

Each colonist is an individual person with the following characteristics:

  • Expectations and wishes:
    Your colonists have expectations and if you meet them this has a positive effect on their moods. A negative mood can result in losing control over a colonist for a certain period of time. In bad cases it can also lead to the colonist turning against the colony.
  • Injuries and diseases:
    If a colonist gets ill or injured it's recommended to medicate them fast. A few days in bed can speed up the recovery.
  • Skills:
    Some colonists are proficient in cutting trees and others are better at constructing buildings. Your colonists can learn everything unless they refuse to do so, but some of them are more talented in some tasks than others.

Defend Your Colony

The world has a lot to offer - but that also includes dangers.
There are not only people from other colonies with a wide range of weapons but nature has some tricks too. Weather, deadly diseases, and other events.
There are a lot of ways which can lead to the death of your colonists.

Play Together

You don't have to explore the world alone - you can also play with a friend in co-op.
If you do so this has the following impacts:

  • You get some special tools, like a power cable connector to share powersystems.
  • Interactions and relationships between the colonists of different players.
  • Enemies and events will be adjusted accordingly.

General Features

  • Online co-op
  • Creative building over multiple levels
  • Various furniture to customize rooms
  • Electricity system with producers, batteries, consumers & switches
  • Gathering resources
  • Crafting items and weapons
  • Static weapons like turrets and artillery
  • Technologies to research via a technology tree
  • Unique colonists with:
    • Expectations and wishes
    • Moods
    • Injuries and diseases
    • various skills
  • Weather + day & night cycle
  • Special events to conquer

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