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One Last Dungeon is a turn based, rogue-like, deck builder, RPG all rolled into one.

One Last Dungeon Review

One Last Dungeon is a turn based, rogue-like, deck builder, RPG all rolled into one.

Starting at a pocket out of space and time, you play as one of the 3 guardians of Time:
  • Duesa the all knowing mage that decimates her foes with powerful spells
  • Gadreel the blood thirsty warrior that delivers swift decisive blows to enemies
  • Duran the swift Assassin that takes down targets with pin point critical accuracy
With the help of the Goddess Joy, each of our heroes are sent back to a 3 specific parallel times where the God Eater has appeared.
In order to defeat it for good, each hero has to defeat it in the time they are sent back to finally end its reign of terror over the Timestream.
You must fight through the legions and hordes of enemies before the final encounter to amass enough strength and tools to defeat it.

  • Craft a unique deck
  • Invest in Skill Trees and Blessings to customize your strategy
  • Battle through randomly generated dungeons and monsters
  • Death is permanent, but never in vain. Learn from your mistakes to get further!

One of the best role-play games ever!
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