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Mission Z

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Mission Z Review

Steam Exclusive OfferUse the code SOFTWAVES and earn in-game a bonuses. Available throughout the month of February!
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About the Game

The game takes place in a region known as ZPriot, where a mystery takes over that region and intrigues Raphael, the main character.
Raphael is a former military man who receives a job offer as a private security guard, when he arrives in ZPriot, Raphael realizes that there is something wrong, everyone is the same, as if they were robots.
In the midst of this mystery, Raphael finds Jacob, who tells everything that happens in that mysterious region and about the empire that Martin (the "commander" of that region) is creating, Raphael joins Jacob to try to end Martin's plans.

Experience Raphael's intense and thrilling story in Mission Z!

- Your character feels hungry and thirsty and you will have to supply your needs with food and water.
- Diners to buy food and drinks.
- General utility store on the map (to buy better sights, better backpack).
- Weapon shop (to buy any of the 5 weapons available).
- Vendors spread across the map, selling various items.

1 - The Invader
2 - Flying low
3 - A day at the beach
4 - The sub-commander
5 - Shielded to the teeth
6 - Precious material
7 - The rescue
8 - Resumption
9 - Cave of ores
10 - The grand finale

  • 5 rifles
  • Sniper-Rifle
  • Equipment for rifles
  • Gun
  • Smoke grenade
  • Explosive grenade
  • Customizations (Muffler, scope, flashlight)

  • Collectibles available on the map.
  • Customizable weapons
  • Loots across the map
  • Chat available to in-game players.

Explore the open world of the ZPriot region and find diary cards , collectible cards , armaments , ammunition and loots in general !

The ZPriot region is scattered with details, items and easter eggs. Explore, feel, live!

Live the adventure of Mission Z!

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