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MagVigor a third-person real-time multiplayer RPG.

MagVigor Review

MagVigor a third-person real-time multiplayer RPG.
Confrontations of magicians and knights on separate arenas in PvP battles.

Fight! Or run!

A player can play by characters of different races and fight online battles with real people. The game concept is based on such well-known projects as SpellForce and World of Tanks.

In 2018 appeared the idea of creating third-person (+ first-person) magic fights in multiplayer mode. The name MagVigor comes from the words Magic and Vigor, which means Magical Energy or Witchcraft Power. Locations are designed for 5-10 players. The goal is to level up your warriors as much as possible for more interesting and colorful magic fights.

1. Races of men and orcs, male and female.
2. Experience trees based on items and skill points.
3. Blocks of experience (perks) based on the fragments of paintings and skill points.
4. Disassembling/repairing/selling/buying items (+Steam store).
5. The delicate and complex balance of upgrade of warriors of three types: Simple, Gladiator and Berserk.
6. Upgrading warriors' stats based on characteristics points.
7. Many items carry various methods of witchcraft.
8. Selling/buying characters and resources.
9. The game locations have: mobs, guns, vegetation, gifts, portals, external force and so on.

Constantly implemented and improved:
1. Smart NPCs/Mobs.
2. Locations.
3. Items.
4. Magic and effects.
5. Graphics, animations and fps.
6. Music and sounds.

Planned in the near future:
1. Magic hits by hand.
2. Assembling items from other items.
3. Catalog of creatures and new creatures (aggressive and neutral).
4. Control of the character in the first person.
5. A race of male and female goblins.
6. Statistics and achievements.
7. Chests + keys + secret rooms.
8. Various Steam features.
9. Protective field for shields.
10. An endurance strip when running.
11. Skins and premium decorations.

The Unity + Photon (PUN) technology was chosen for implementing the client.
The server part is designed in a multithreaded version.

One of the best action games ever!
One of the best role-play games ever!
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