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Storm evil lairs... and take out the trash!

Binky's Trash Service Review

Storm evil lairs... and take out the trash!

Binky's Trash Service is a perilous, precision platformer where you operate a door-to-door garbage collection service for EVIL LAIRS! In each lair, you must empty all of the trash cans and make it back to the exit. The game features simplistic controls - needing only three buttons (, & JUMP) to perform several different movement options, such as backflipping, dashing, and wall jumping.

  • 15 big, nonlinear stages to explore (including a giant pinball machine, an evil corporate office, and a 1990s operating system)

  • A 20+ song soundtrack with nearly 30 minutes of wild, jazzy 8-bit solos

  • New gameplay elements introduced in each level, including conveyor belts, portals, spring-trapped gift boxes, bomb-blocks, waterfalls, and cursors that can click and drag you into unfortunate situations

  • Gold, Silver and Bronze speedrun challenges for each stage, incentivizing you to optimize your route once you know the layout of the level

  • Forgiving respawn points for the tougher platforming sections

  • EASY MODE for those who just want to enjoy the level music and fidget with their hands a bit

  • 3 playable characters + 5 unlockable guest characters

  • Cryptic easter eggs!

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