Ubisoft Forward Conference: What We Know About the Upcoming Games

Ubisoft Forward Conference: What We Know About the Upcoming Games on Blog

Due to the pandemic of coronavirus in the world, the question of when is E3 2020 is no longer relevant. While this is certainly sad news for all gaming fans out there, we can still get exciting news about upcoming games directly from developers. Just recently, Ubisoft hosted their Ubisoft Forward online conference where they revealed information about their most awaited projects and showed some trailers. In this article, you will find out exactly what we can expect from the French publisher in the future.

Previews of Several Games During the Pre-show

gameplay of trackmania on ubisoft conference

The conference started with a warm-up during which the employees of Ubisoft played Trackmania. During this time and while everyone was tuning in, players were able to catch Uplay codes for the popular games – The Division 2 and Assassin’s Creed Odyssey. The pre-show portion of the conference included news about games that are already out and those that are about to come out.

During the pre-show, players got an opportunity to learn more about Curious Expedition 2 and take another look at this game. Also, Ubisoft showed some details, such as rubber ducks in The Division 2 and ‘80s-styled vanity items in The Crew 2.

Besides these games, Ubisoft also provides a quick overview of Spiritfarer, which will come out in the upcoming months. The Trials Rising game will receive the longest track in its history, and it will be available right after the conference for free to all players.

Starting July 15th, AI teammates will be available in Ghost Recon Breakpoint, and they can be fully customized. Between the 16th and 20th of July, it’s possible to test these teammates for free.

The Main Conference Announcements

watch dogs new characters

The fans of The Watch Dogs game received a chance to watch an exciting cinematic trailer of this development. The company showcased the new mechanic in which you can play as anyone you see. When it comes to the dates, the game will be available on Xbox One, PC, and PlayStation 4 on October 29th. We also got comments from Phil Spencer from Xbox who confirmed the information that Watch Dogs Legion will be supporting Smart Delivery.

Besides the Watch Dogs Legion, another major focus was on the Brawlhalla fighting game, which is already available for consoles and PC. And the good news is that players will get Brawhalla mobile on August 6th. Is brawlhalla cross platform? The answer is yes, as you get crossplay with literally everyone.

Elite Squad is another game that we cannot forget about, and it will be available to the public on August 27th.

Hyper Scape was another game presented at the conference. It is a first-person shooter and a battle royale game that has all the elements of the sci-fi genre in gaming – nylon bodysuits, skyscrapers, and the city of the future called New Arcadia. While it’s not something completely earth-shattering, it is still something to look into. Players were able to enjoy the open beta version of this game on their PCs.

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla – The Most Awaited 

assassin’s creed valhalla trailer

When we talk about the new Ubisoft games 2020, Assassin’s Creed Valhalla is certainly one of those that players want to see the most. Being such a huge part of the gaming culture, it’s always interesting to see where developers can take their games in the future. The game looks very similar to the recent entries of Assassin’s Creed. But, we cannot deny its additional element of entertainment. For instance, you can use two shields at the same time, or you can fistfight huge wolves. Such details add a little extra something to the game and make it truly memorable.

The game will be available on November 17th for Xbox One, PC, and PlayStation 4. If you are curious about next-gen consoles, all that is known now is that it will be available for them soon.

Far Cry 6 – Another Important Game From Ubisoft

far cry poster

The conference definitely couldn’t be complete without talking about Far Cry 6. Ubisoft prepared quite a dramatic and long trailer to present the game, and it surely excited many devoted fans of this series. The main news when it comes to Far Cry 6 is that the role of the dictator Anton Castillo was played by Giancarlo Esposito who is one of the most prominent characters on the Breaking Bad show.

We will all have to wait a little bit to play this game, as it won’t become available for players this year. The game is planned to officially come out on February 18th, 2021 for Xbox One, PC, PlayStation 4, and also other next-gen consoles.

Another Conference Is Planned for Summer

There are obviously some games from Ubisoft that weren’t shown or fully discussed during this conference. For this reason, the CEO of the company, Yves Guillemot appeared at the end of the conference to announce another one that will take place sometime this summer. Some of the games that we still want to learn more about include Beyond Good and Evil 2 and Gods and Monsters.

If you are someone who is into the games from Ubisoft, you are probably aware of the allegations of sexual misconduct faced by some of the figures in the company. Despite the problems, the company decided to keep the conference light and avoided discussing any of these topics. They mentioned in a Twitter post that materials for this conference were recorded before the widely discussed issues.

A Lot of New Games Are Coming Our Way

Obviously, people have their opinions on games and you cannot meet the requirements of everyone. Ubisoft Forward was viewed by over 2 million people in the world, which means that there are a lot of people who can’t wait to play new games from the company. While the coronavirus pandemic led to the cancellation of E3, the company still managed to deliver the most important information and do so effectively.

Which games from Ubisoft are you looking forward to the most? Tell us what you think about the news from Ubisoft in the comments below and we will be happy to hear your thoughts.

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