The Legend of Heroes Is Now on Switch & PC

The Legend of Heroes Is Now on Switch & PC on Blog

You can play The Legend of Heroes: Trail of Cold Steel IV on PC and Nintendo Switch now.

NIS America — the studio behind the game — made an announcement that another ToH title is available for Nintendo Switch and PC now. The PC version can be bought from Steam, GOG and Epic Games Store.

There’s also a Google Stadia version, which makes Trail of Cold Steel IV basically available for every platform. (But with a certain ping).

The animeish game’s events see the Erebonian Empire at the verge of a collapse yet again. And only the VII Class heroes and heroines can prevent the bloodshed, pillaging and chaos.

Here’s what the new game has to offer:

  • Heroes. The largest playable character roster in the history of ToH series.
  • Mini-games. With epic battles aside, now there are more mini-games: blackjack, puzzles, poker, Vantage Master, etc.
  • Mechs. You can now summon gargantuan mechs to aid you in battle.
  • Battle system. Combat is refined and includes now Auto Battle mode, as well as Lost Arts and Orbal magic.

And there are more goodies to explore.

The Legend of Heroes: Trail of Cold Steel IV premiere on PC and Switch this April. You can get it from Steam or Nintendo right now.

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