HDMI Link is Active on PS5 Now

HDMI Link is Active on PS5 Now on Blog

A new large update for the PS5 system will make your gamer life a bit easier. But you’ll struggle with glitches.

Sony released a new PS5 update adding a caboodle of intriguing features that will let you handle the console more efficiently.

First things first, it’s the HDMI link. In simple terms, this link allows you to “synchronize” power state of both your TV and your PS5. What does it mean?

That means, now you can now control both devices using just one of them. There are two options for this:

  1. Power Off Link. Turn off the TV to make PS5 “go to sleep.
  2. One-Touch Play. TV automatically reacts to the PS5 and “wakes up”.

This is definitely a cool trick, as it let you economize time and energy. Especially if you have multiple gadgets — it’s easy to get lost while navigating through a myriad of apps/controllers like AnyMote, Fire Stick, Roku app, and so forth.

You will find it under the PC5 Settings —> System Menu —> HDMI. There you can switch between two options.

Another cool trick that the update has brought is saving games to an external USB driver. In case you’re worried you may lose you game collection, you can now move them to a flash drive and then store basically anywhere else:cloud, computer memory, etc.

Sadly, you can't launch a game from a USB — internal memory only. Moving a game is done the same way, as it was on PS4: select the titles that you’re evacuating and choose the Move option.

While some gamers may see the feature as virtually useless, for others it can be a blessing in a disguise. Not only you could back up your games, but it can also help you out if your internet connection is slow/unstable.

As for the HDMI link, it has a great concept, but buggy performance. It can be glitchy on some devices, working only half the time. Plus, the update doesn’t let you turn off the console by holding DualSense/PS5 button combo.

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